All About Cats

I haven't posted a "new kittens" update in a while. Glad to say that Marielle and I have come to an accord--after she mauled me and seduced the menfolk. Mostly called "Mary" now, she has become an itsy bit more social. She hangs out in the living room during the day, plays with the boys, and even holds still as I walk past her (as opposed to running for cover like I'm going to kick her in the head, which happened consistently before).

We have a pattern now. She spots me in the kitchen or living room, looking like she wants attention. Normal cats would come over, rub against my leg, and behave like a pest until they got what they want. But Mari would never think of it. If I kneel down, she runs. Instead, I walk to my desk chair in the bedroom. She follows, hops onto the bed, and crawls into my lap. That's the only way she feels safe enough to submit to the good scratching and petting she wants. It's a start.

Walter, however, is a big lapcat goof. I've never had a more passive cat. I've known of such cats, like my mom's big tom Jack, but seriously, Walter is a slug in training. No ambition, no inhibition, and certainly no cat pride. It's like he and his sister are two halves of the same cat.

OK, and then there are cougars. Remember how I posted about them? Some guy spammed my contact email with an ad for his self-published book about how young men can learn the techniques that will hook them up with older women. I'd link to it, but that would give him more publicity than he deserves. Tres tacky!

And finally, I level my week's worth of wrath at pumas. Not real pumas. I assume they're perfectly nice. I mean the Party Unity My Ass people. Enough already.* I saw more reasoned tactics last night when I babysat Eleanor and Lydia--and believe me, four girls in the same condo, all between the ages of four and nine, can come up with some seriously childish arguments for getting their way. Which is I loved John Oliver's skit on The Daily Show last night. Fantastic.

*Says she who voted for Nader in 2000. But believe me, some mistakes must be made only to be learned from. That means I'm Bob Barr's biggest fan this year. If he can win lawsuits to get his name on the ballot in West Virginia and Oklahoma, November will be even more interesting. End politics. Back to cats.

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