Augusty Things

I am what you call sick. Despite drinking primarily gin and Airborne throughout Nationals, or perhaps because of that, I have a stinker of a head cold. Blech. Last night was Not Pleasant.

But yay! SYTYCD finale today and tomorrow! Those of you uninterested in the show will be pleased to see my recaps end. I'm excited though. Don't care who wins because I love them all, which is weird. At the beginning of teh season, I didn't think I'd feel that, when no one stood out as anything special.

My August is looking all messy-busy. My goal is to clear my desk of random projects so that when the girls go back to school (insert singing choir here) on Sept 3, I can start my new writing projects. Yes, plural. Granted none of this allows room for a head cold, but that can't be helped.

Goals: complete content for my re-designed website; submit two workshops with Barbara Ferrer for the NOLA Stars conference in Shreveport this March; complete my RWR article on Unusual Historicals; research my upcoming Skinny Historical and Fat Historical; complete an epilogue for WaSW; get a newsletter established; complete a short story idea that must be purged; and work with Ann on Nightfall as applicable. She's like the Doctor, she's been traveling so much, which means that may wait until fall.

The Skinny Historical is going to be set in WWII, and the Fat Historical will be about the Sundance Kid's girl Etta Place. And then there's Onyx, the project that may or may not happen. With the girls in school for six hours a day, though, I should Kick the Ass.

Tomorrow: Nationals recap. Absolutely.

It's my own design,
It's my own remorse.
Help me to decide.
Help me make the most
Of freedom and of pleasure--
Nothing ever lasts forever.
"Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears

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