Bedtime and Wake-Up Calls

Because school begins on Tuesday--a half-day for Juliette and the other kindergartners, then a full day for both girls on Wednesday as the kindergartners and extended day pre-K classes meet--we've been slowly moving our sleep schedule. I remember my mom working on this as school drew near, so it's weird doing the same thing now as a grown-up.

School starts daily at 8:30, and our walk takes about 20 minutes. That means we must be out the door by no later than 8:10. Eep! To accomplish this, I made a list of things the girls need to do in the morning: get dressed, make bed, eat breakfast and clear dishes, brush teeth, comb hair, and gather school things. I printed a copy for each of them, put them in plastic sheet protectors, and hung them on the fridge with a dry erase marker.

This is stuff they normally do in the morning, so I'm not asking them to suddenly tackle brand new chores, but they haven't done so with any consistency over the summer. Now, a week on from beginning our practice runs, they have it down pretty good--all finished by 8-ish.

I learned on Monday that I can't get my own morning chores done while they do theirs. So that means Keven and I have been getting up at 6am, doing the slow tea-and-internet-and-shower wind-up. Except for yesterday morning, when I was felled by evil cramps, we've been pretty masochistic about the 6am thing--or sadistic, depending on who's waking whom. Our goal is to make ourselves so tired that we can't stay up too late, but we've managed to see midnight all week, last night watching DNC Awesomefest '08.

And speaking of bedtimes, we're really going to have to work on the girls. Through delays and stories and parental apathy, their bedtime has edged back to almost 9, when it really should be closer to 7 on school nights. Ilsa needs her 12 hours a night, especially with full school days and swimming three times a week. She's still only four.

Preview day is tomorrow when we'll go visit the school, say hi to the teachers, and drop off classroom supplies. Otherwise, I'm off to work on finishing the big lump of things I've yet to do before The Most Wonderful Time of the Year:

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