Free Books -- Let Me Give Them To You!

I have nine (nine!) gorgeous historical romances, collected in my wanderings throughout Nationals with the intention of creating an all-historicals prize pack upon my return. One is the first Harlequin Blaze Historical--the super hot, mega popular Bound to Please, signed by author Hope Tarr. The other eight, some signed, are by the likes of Victoria Alexander, Julia Quinn, and Shari Anton. Want them? I know you do!

You have one week. Tell me why you should have nine faboo free books. Make it creative. By no means does it need to be truthful. Hard luck stories are fun. Tales of saint-like worthiness are too. Have fun. I'll choose the winner on Wednesday.


Tiffani Hargis said...

absolutely obsessed with historic blaze stories.. they make me think that maybe love and lust can actually be like they invision in the books. as if it isnt sometimes boring and unimpressive.

Tiffani Hargis said...

i want these books because they make others imagine what love and lust can be really like. instead of being the realism of sometimes boring repetitive occurances. i want these books.