Hazy Days

The days are beginning to blend together. I don't have any clear sense of time passing, living in limbo until we begin again in September. Summer is a big hazy blanket. No routine and little change.

That said, Ilsa was sick on Saturday--which is not exactly the sort of event I like to hang my weekend on. Her illnesses proceed rather predictably, as do mine and Juliette's. She behaves as if she's very fatigued until she complains that her stomach hurts. Then comes an early bedtime and lots of tears when she throws up all over the covers. Oh, and the sudden fever. She went from fine to 102° in a little less than two hours.

I might have been worried if she hadn't followed this exact pattern for the last two years. By morning, her fever had ebbed and her appetite returned. No worries. Just something to get through.

For Juliette and I, it's all about the cough. Today makes two weeks since I contracted my post-conference cold, yet my cough lingers. I've been fully functional for a week, but I hack like an old smoker.

This week Keven will be in Skokie. Instead of making the hour an a half commute down each morning, he's taking the company up on their offer of a hotel room. His going away for a week on work-related tasks doesn't seem nearly as monumental as when I left for San Francisco. I don't expect the kids to ask after his whereabouts until sometime tomorrow. He also has the car, which means we get to find everything we need here in the downtown. Shouldn't be too hard. Food everywhere. Friends within walking distance. And Jenn's coming down with the boys tomorrow.

Otherwise, I'm steadily clearing projects off my desk in preparation for the start of school. Critiques, workshops, an article, random promotional networking--all necessary, but not as steady or creatively engaging as writing. To say I'm looking forward to September 3rd is an understatement.

Not that the summer is all bad. Or even mostly bad. It's just tedious. The kids are bored, probably as eager for a return to their friends and the stimulation of a classroom as I am for a return to my work time. But the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. I hear rumors that the rest of the country is sweltering under a nasty summer, but here by the lake is perfect. It feels more like a rather warm, extended spring. Maybe we'll break the monotony by heading to the park and the library, enjoying the outdoors.

(I know the tone of this post seems a bit blue--I feel it as I'm writing--but it's not so bad really. Just enjoying the feel of a bit of glum today.)

Moments will pass.
In the morning light I found out
Seasons can't last.
And there's just one thing late to ask--
Stay...Don't just walk away.
"Summer Moved On" by A-Ha

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