Stranger Than Fiction

I remember when the brilliant and hilarious film Stranger Than Fiction came out that some critics complained about its confusing nature. Oh no! Messing with the idea of fiction as reality! Brain explodin'!

But now I shall mock them by recreating a conversation I had with Ilsa (age 4) and Juliette (5) on Thursday night.

Ilsa: Mommy, do you know what I'm thinking?
Me: Not a clue.
Ilsa: I was thinking, what if what we're doing is a story, and all our words come out of our mouths in those little bubbles. And people could read them.
Me: (stunned expression) So your life is someone else's storybook?
Ilsa: Yes. And it would be a so, so, so, so, so long chapter book.
Juliette: They'd have to take it home from the library because it'd be too long to read there.
Ilsa: And do you know where each chapter would end?
Me: (snickering laughter coz of their awesomeness) Where?
Ilsa: At night. So then each new chapter is a new day.
Juliette: That would be so many chapters.
Ilsa: Do you know who'd read mine? It would be a little girl reading to her doll.
Juliette: Mine would be a mommy reading to her daughter, and the daughter would be holding her pet sheep. Like Bingo is my pet sheep.
Ilsa: Who would read your book, mommy?
Me: Um, I don't know. Maybe another woman like me? I'd read my story in bed with a cup of tea.
Juliette: She'd probably read it by herself like you read your chapter books.
Me: Probably.
Ilsa: Do you think your book would have Robin Hood in it?
Juliette: Yes! Coz of her book she wrote.
Me: So the person would read about me writing about Robin Hood?
Ilsa: Yes!

My kids... pretty freakishly amazing.

My love is like a storybook story,
But its as real as the feelings I feel.
"Storybook Love" by Mark Knopfler and Willie De Ville

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