SYTYCD: Week Nine

Cat is a merrrrrmaid. Here we go...

Courtney & Twitch (hip hop): Eh. Was cute. Both hit it hard, but this isn't anything we haven't seen already. Up against Joshua and Katee, the paired powerhouses, these two need an excellent night. And frankly, I wouldn't have caught the crazy girlfriend thing if it hadn't been in the set up piece.

Courtney was one of the only women I remembered throughout the auditions, along with Kherington and Kourtni. I thought of her as a classically trained Sara.

Katee & Joshua (contemp? jazz? I missed it): Wade finally drags his ass out of Famousville in order to participate in the Top 4. I got $20 on zombies. Ok, no zombies--just the most beautiful song by John Mayer and friggin awesomeness. Even Keven mentioned that it isn't fair for people who don't get Wade, which is prolly why he's been banished. Chorey envy.

Courtney & Katee (Broadway): Of course it's Broadway. Ignore the potential of seeing them sexy together. Wouldn't want that. Instead, dress them in freaky old fashioned half dresses. I like Courtney well enough, but if I were her, I wouldn't want to dance anywhere near Katee. Damn.

I hope media folks catch on the the fact that two fabulous, talented, humble, clever young black men made it to the Top 4. Can anyone say unsung role models? I mean, seriously. These two are maniacs. They should be inspiring dudes all across the country. And I think I kinda love Twitch.

Joshua & Twitch (trepak): Russian machismo! Excellent! Insane men. My legs hurt just watching it. The clowning took away from some of the intensity, in that I would've liked to see them go full on for the whole time. But damn, can Joshua jump or what??

Now's the moment in the Top 4 when we revisit the scene of Katee's Regrettable Moment. Wouldn't have imagined her here after that faux pas, but she's made of awesome. Side note: I love Imogen Heap, but "Hide and Seek" makes my skin crawl. I think that makes me a Heap Heretic.

Katee & Twitch (foxtrot): Hmmm... Katee gets the foxtrot? Do they want Joshua to win, in retaliation for losing Will? I'm all conspiracy theory without witnessing the draws from the hat. That was the slowest, slinkiest fox I've ever seen. Saucy, even, but with very little by way of close hold positions. Clever chorey.

Twitch doing an English accent. *dies*

Liz and I talked about Joshua and his badass do-rag self from the first audition. He's come such a long way, and this week he's without braces. What a sweetie pie. And I still have a mad crush on Cat.

Courtney & Joshua (jive): They have Jason! See? It's a conspiracy to give Joshua the bestest choreographers, Robson and Gilkison. Still, they missed a few hand holds, and their unison needed work. Frankly, they looked tired. Poor things. Oh, and those flat-footed boots, although nifty, did nothing to give Courtney some needed hip spank. It's about illusion, and the heels would've added to that.

Top Four (Mia-ocity): Me no like. Like a gaggle of Scottish ducks. I respect it, but that was blimmin' weird. Seems Mia's gone to a place where I can't follow.

New music? Nope. Fave routine? The Wade contemp, which was Katee and Joshua's swan song. What an amazing run for those two, to come so far together. Who's gonna win? Not. A. Clue.

Your thoughts?

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