Dead Hotties? No!!

Billie Piper & JJ Feild in The Ruby in the Smoke
My latest celeb crush has been on JJ Feild, best known for his roles as Henry Tilney in the resent adaptation of Northanger Abbey, and as Fred Garland, Billie Piper's co-star in the Sally Lockhart mysteries, adapted from Philip Pullman's books. He's a sweetieboy dollface who can turn on some serious smolders--when he isn't grinning in that way that makes me go gooey. But in the second Lockhart tale, The Shadow in the North, Fred dies in a fire! Argh!! Do you see why I stick to romance? There they were, all happy and in love, when baddies set the house on fire and Fred croaks.

No more killing off the hotties, do you hear me??

I need to go rewatch Northanger Abbey now. Here, he's adorable.
JJ Feild

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