For Sula and Ann (U2 Stuff)

So U2 have been back in the studio, with a new album planned for an early 2009 release. Anymore I approach a new album of theirs as if that's the last. I mean, they're all pushing 50. No band has ever stayed together this long with the original line-up, 27 years and counting, while still managing success with new material. At any moment they could look around and say, you know, I'm done.

Or it could be shitty.

So long about the time a new album is on the horizon, I get this little kid at Christmas feeling, but also a sense of dread. (I'm also get the same charge from new episodes of "Doctor Who," but on a smaller scale.) It's the suckiness of potentially disappointed hopes, the possibility that some all-time favorite people will be laid bare as slightly less than 1000% awesome. Heroes falling off pedestals and all that. (Musically, at least, because Bono is still my hero when it comes to his side project: saving the world.)

And Ann--isn't Samantha Morton gorgeous in this video? Someone should write her into a book or something. The lyrics are pretty tasty too. Oh, and Larry. Yeah, tastiness all around in this one. Although I've never figured out the ghost stag part. The director, Anton Corbijn, is Dutch. Maybe it's a legend or something I don't know about? Can someone help?

Lets see colors that have never been seen,
Go to places no one else has been.
You're in my mind all of the time,
But I know it's not enough.
If the sky can crack, there must be some way back
To love and only love.
"Electrical Storm" by U2

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