Frist Day of School '08

Good morning. After spending yesterday out with Ilsa doing errands while Juliette was in school--during which, note to self, Ilsa commented about how nice it was to have "Mommy and Ilsa time"--today we're ready for the real deal.

I remember an episode of "The Cosby Show" where they argue about who's going to wake the kids on the first day school. Clair says she got them up on the last day of school, wherein Cliff goes ballistic. He says that's not even close to the same thing, that when she whispered, "Get up," on the last day of school, kids from across the street bounded out of bed.

Luckily, my girls are still young enough to think this is an awesome day.

I, however, have an aerobics class in two hours after I drop off the kids. Eep! Movement! Here's the thing: it's on the way home from their school and is held as I'm walking past it. No excuses. Seriously.

Apparently the teachers briefed Juliette and her four cronies on what it's going to be like as a kindergartner. This is a pre-school that maxes out with kindergarten as the highest level, so they are essentially seniors. Heads of the class. Juliette is just now getting an inkling of what that power will mean. Be afraid.

They've decided to call themselves "the Cheetahs." I don't know if the teachers asked them to pick a mascot, or if it was an internal idea. All I know is that Juliette loves cheetahs, so I have the feeling her input was strident. She said, "We're cheetahs because there's no problem a cheetah can't fix." Except maybe opening doors or how to pour from a gallon of milk, but you know.

Imagination, will make a man of you.
Imagination, will make me love you too.
Imagination, is all I want from you.
Imagination" by Belouis Some

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