Keven's been playing with his new birthday iTouch, so we've been a bit music happy this weekend. That is, after I rescued my computer from its problems. You know they're minor problems, although still annoying, when I can suss them out myself after a frustrating morning.

Anyway, the new genius feature on iTunes 8.0 is simply brilliant. It's like my brain made a playlist, but it's still a surprise. Poof! Everything works together! Strange combinations of songs you might not put together right away, but they still work in tone and mood. So nice. Tons of fun.

For example, here are the first 15 songs of a playlist I'm calling AlternaRock. I started from "Lone Star Song" by Grant Lee Buffalo, which produced the following:

1. "Solitary Man" by Chris Isaak
2. "Red" by Elbow
3. "Silvergun Superman" by STP
4. "Silently" by Blonde Redhead--a bit of a jump there, more pop and upbeat, but most other Blonde Redhead tunes would've been fairly seamless.
5. "Only Shallow" by My Bloody Valentine
6. "Lights" by Editors
7. "I Might Be Wrong" by Radiohead
8. "Lost Highway" by Jeff Buckley
9. "The Infanta" by The Decembrists--another jump coz of the tempo
10. "Out of Control" by U2
11. "Shadow of the Season" by Screaming Trees
12. "The Swing of Things" by A-Ha--who would've thunk it? But it works.
13. "Trust" by The Cure
14. "Wake Me When It's Over" by Longwave
15. "It Dawned on Me" by Calla

Overall, I'm dead impressed. Thumbs up, Apple. Here ends my unpaid endorsement.

You should know but you don't,
As it slaps you upside the face.
Now I see!
"It Dawned on Me" by Calla

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