Hairy Legs

I was too young to actively watch "thirtysomething" when it was on. But now I am one. Weird. Anyway, I remember this scene where the dark-haired lady--Hope?--was talking to her infant daughter. She asked her not to shave her legs when she grew up, so she could keep the soft, silky baby hair forever--although she admitted that wasn't likely. Does adolescence let that happen even? I don't know. But I think that scene stuck with me because I would've been at that point where shaving legs had just come on my developmental radar.

Go ahead. Quiz me. I can't think of a single other scene from that show. Nada.

My Ilsa is a pettable little thing. She has the best fuzzies, the kind of hairline that creeps across her temples toward her eyebrows. She'll have a familiar relationship with both razors and tweezers when she grows up, but today while she lolled across my lap, I thought about that scene with Hope and her baby. I wanted to freeze time for a few dozen years and let her be artlessly unaware of such annoying grown-up things.

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