New Year! Free Stuff! (Reposted)

Do you remember when you were in school and fall felt like the beginning of a new year? That's what I feel like today. Juliette starts Kindergarten tomorrow, and Ilsa will join her for full day pre-school on Wednesday. All new!

In keeping with that "all new" feeling, I've spent the last few days retooling my blog, website, and Yahoo group, which will serve as my newsletter. The new website includes fun pics, trivia, free goodies, workshops, and a press kit, as well as extras and info for my books. I'd love to know what you think!

WANDERLUST by Ann AguirreTo celebrate, I'm holding a month-long contest. I'm giving away a $25 gift certificate to your choice of Amazon or Barnes & Noble, as well as a copy of my friend Ann Aguirre's newest release, Wanderlust. (If you haven't read Grimspace, the first of Ann's Sirantha Jax books, you can pick that one instead.)

To enter, just sign up for my newsletter by September 30! I'll notify the winner by email. If you're already signed up, just post a message to the Yahoo loop and let me know you'd like to be entered.

And if you like more free stuff, you might want to check out the new freebies page. My website...it makes me happy.

It's a beautiful day.
The sky falls--
And you feel like it's a beautiful day.
Don't let it get away.
"Beautiful Day" by U2

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