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Remember that little website re-launch contest I've been holding all September? Well, there's only one day left before I draw the winner. Get signed up for my newsgroup/letter for your chance to win a $25 gift certificate to either Amazon or B&N, along with a copy of Wanderlust by Ann Aguirre. See here for details.

In other career news, I'll be signing copies of WHAT A SCOUNDREL WANTS at a meeting of Chicago North RWA on December 8 at 7pm. I'll also be presenting "Snakebite Scenes and Hollywood Plots," a craft lecture about adding emotional action to romance. The presentation and booksigning is open to the public, held at the Des Plaines Library.

Tonight I read a 20-pg portion of FROM BERLIN WITH LOVE, one of my in-progress historical proposals, to Chicago North.

Let me add some impact to that.

I will be reading aloud an unrevised WIP to thirty exceedingly clever and sharp-tongued writers, asking them to rip it into bits. Johnny has turned into the snarkiest, scampiest hero I've written since Will Scarlet, which means I love him to itsy pieces and only want the best for the project. Thus, my donning of the big girl panties.

"You're a sucker, you know," Johnny said. "You're going to survive this hell hole--nearly four years since basic, might I remind you--and then chain yourself to some skirt. A rare dish of a gal, I admit, but what kind of reward is that for saving the world?

Charlie's perfectly shaved jaw clenched. "I told you, she--"

"Yeah, yeah, she hates you, a thousand burning suns, all of that. I still say it's irresponsible."

"How do you figure?"

"You and I are going to return to the States as war heroes. Decorated, intelligent, handsome war heroes." He straightened his garrison cap, then the khaki tie of his dress uniform. "It would be irresponsible to squander such once-in-a-lifetime appeal on one woman, not when thousands of grateful, single females are waiting to show their appreciation. We're due our reward, my friend."

Wearing an expression of supreme patience, Charlie waved the cigarette smoke from his eyes--both of which he did often around Johnny. "I suppose that means we have different opinions about what constitutes our just reward."

"You and me? Differences? Stop the presses!"

The stiffness in Charlie's back eased, albeit minutely, as he matched Johnny's grin. "So for you, it's just Hollywood and an endless parade of anonymous female conquests from here on out?"

"A naked parade. Use that stunted imagination of yours." He snubbed out the cigarette as Lt. Gen. von Tippelskirch exited his shiny black motorcar. "And they won't be anonymous when I get around to them."

Charlie just shook his head. "You're unbelievable."

Still grinning, Johnny looked over the airfield once again, an inordinate feeling of accomplishment swelling in his chest. They'd done it. They'd survived. Rumors circulated among the higher-ups that a formal surrender would happen any day now. Seeing the commander of the 21st German Army Group hand his sidearm to Johnny's commanding officer helped make the impossible a reality. Very soon, it would be time to celebrate.

I'll let you know how it goes.

You were from the north.
I was from the south.
We were from opposite places, different towns.
But I knew it was good...and you knew it was too.
Secret" by Missy Higgins

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