A Writer's Life for Me

Last week, my pirate friend Pazce asked if I have a set number of pages I write daily, etc.


Throughout September, I set a goal of 1500 words per day on two separate projects: an historical fiction project I've since tabled, and whichever of the three WWII proposals I was working on that week. I also made progress on a third project, but that's kinda...special.

Anyway, when I'm working hard I do about 750 words (three typed pages) per hour. So I suppose for my five-to-six hours of working time per day, I expect to complete 3K (12 pages). I'm not under contract at the moment, so I have no deadlines outside of those I set for myself. Now that I have a stack of projects in a holding pattern--either in revisions or out on submission--I'm working on one just for myself. Something new. I hope to have a draft by mid-November.

So there you have it. Short answer: roughly 12 pages a day.

Cause I'm feeling that I can't go on,
I can't go on this way--
Turning back a hundred pages in the book
As letters fade.
"Love Pollution" by Feeder

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