Change in the Air

I'm over at Unusual Historicals talking about Operation Barbarossa, the most destructive military campaign of all time. I know you're extra keen to know more. It kicks off our month on "Expansion & Invasion," which promises smiles and laughter throughout October. *ahem*

Keven has a work and/or b-school thing to do in Madison until Saturday, so he's once again stealing our car. Car thief. And he won't be able to see tonight's debate because of some official function. Make of that what you will.

In other news, it's gall darn cold out! Current temp: -21 F. Or something close. All I know is that my bright friggin' orange BGSU sweater wasn't enough this morning, when just last week I was wearing short sleeves. Soon we won't be able to walk to school, necessitating new transportation arrangements. If my wee ones were complaining about the chill this morning, which they were, they've obviously forgotten what winter is like 'round these Northern parts.

Can't explain--there's something strange about the early fall.
It's a comfort leaving me without a care.
I remain, when everything around me hears the call.
And tonight I feel a change in the air.
"A Change in the Air" by Clint Black

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