Eleventh Hour = Fail

OK, I give up. "Eleventh Hour" sucks. I just finished watching my third episode, and truly, it's not worth my time. Not even the beautiful, hypnotic green eyes of Rufus Sewell can save the damn thing. Does his character know everything, ever? He rattled off how much farmland is in a 500 mile radius in central California, and how much the agricultural industry is worth annually. Most people have to use Wikipedia for shit like that, so he must be clever. Well, my blonde bodyguard with large breasts, let me explain it to you--and I won't use a calculator! See? EXTRA clever.

Sigh. Too bad.

As for "My Own Worst Enemy," it's just fine--as long as they watch it on Henry's whining. Whining morphs Christian Slater into his wimpy persona, a la Will Scarlet in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. I wrote him to be a hero in What a Scoundrel Wants in order to correct that wrong, but I won't do it again! You're on your own now, Slater!

Now I met you
And honey you should know
That I could never go on without you
"Green Eyes" by Coldplay

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