Flashback Meme

I got this one from Grace over in Dubai.

15 years ago... Senior year of high school. What the hell was I doing then? Probably had a lot to do with country dancing, Star Wars, and romance novels. My Pony Express phase had passed, but I still was heavy into outlaws and the Old West. I was editor for the school newspaper, president of Project TEACH, president of the National Honor Society (I had a gavel!), and captain of three academic teams. Oh, my nerdliness! How I adore thee!

Wait, I remember! I was deciding between the Univerity of Chicago and Bowling Green State University. A rather THIS (prestigious, expensive, ghetto) vs. THAT (state school, free, small town) decision. My mom, dad and I traveled to Bowling Green on her birthday on a cold ass November day and basically sealed the deal.

12 years ago... This very day, Keven and I hooked up. I've talked about it here. Anyway, our first kiss. We've been together ever since. TWELVE YEARS.

10 years ago... Um, we were in Columbus. I was in the middle of my first semester as a grad student in Ohio State's history department, and I was also teaching two courses of American history thru the Civil War. We lived about a mile north of campus, so I took the bus. Keven worked for a little market research firm. We had three cats, very little money, and some very good friends. Miss that time.

5 years ago... Oh, scary. Juliette was just about one year old. And I was SEVEN MONTHS pregnant. I had NO IDEA what was ahead of me.

3 years ago... Heh, funny you should mention that. I wrote:
I had a playgroup, baby baths, a trip to the library, dishes, dinner, a bit of shopping, laundry, vacuuming, some reading, Lost, and cranky night-time children. Oh, and from the crappy way I feel this morning, the apparent beginnings of a cold. Keven had three MBA classes, a summer internship interview, a midterm, hours of homework, several thank-you letters to write, and two late-night visits from colleagues as they consulted on various assignments. I slumped over in bed after two beers, too tired, even, to finish the squares of chocolate I'd chosen to snack on. Keven came to bed some time later, still miles away from finishing the work he has ahead of him.
Makes me tired just thinking about it.

1 year ago... I was apparently dancing and showing off my tummy. We'd been here in Kenosha for four months, and I had just started SCOUNDREL'S KISS. Juliette and Ilsa were four and three, respectively, and did three hours a day at the preschool in the afternoon. Fairly close to this year, all in all, except now I have more free time.

Yesterday, the four of us went swimming at the Y and I sorted through my TBR pile. Exciting!

Today, I went out for coffee with Liz, Keven and I took the girls out to the new ice cream shop next to the Downtown Toy Store, I watched "Life" and "Eleventh Hour," and I finished an absolutely delish book I'll blog about this week.

Tomorrow, the girls go back to school. I need to do a bit of shopping and write on two diff projects. Oh, and I'm attending a rally with Russ Feingold down by the lake. Yay! I get to meet one of my heroes in person! Fun stuff.

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