Two good ones from my four-year-old daughter on the walk to school today, both of them rather dire hypothetical situations.

"If winter came and it was SO cold and the sea turned frozen, all the fish would DIE."

"If I was a unicorn and you were attacked by a dragon, I would rescue you. I would poke a hole in him with my sharp, sharp horn."

Glad to know I have a champion, even though she is rather small.

As for me, when I arrived home and offered myself the choice between a healthy breakfast and Cocoa Puffs, I chose Cocoa Puffs. *slaps wrist*

You say to me it's only superstition.
It's only your imagination.
It's only your other things that you feel,
And the things from which you can't escape.
"Only Superstition" by Coldplay

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