Juliette's Birthday Recap

Yesterday was Juliette's sixth birthday. I've posted pictures and reminisced about how much time passes etc. on this blog before, so I think I'll skip it this year. She was so excited about it--OMG OMG I'm gonna be six!--until the actual day. Then she was totally cool. Shurgs. Yeah, whatever. Sure she isn't turning sixteen?

We drove to Milwaukee to meet up with the Ritzemas for trick-or-treating at the zoo, which means a ton of walking for about eight pieces of candy. Madison and Cincinnati zoos do it up much better. But it's become sort of a tradition. The girls enjoyed it because they got to walk around in their costumes. We hadn't planned on buying new ones, but Walgreen's had them for half off. Full costumes for $7. Huh. So Juliette was Belle from Beauty & the Beast--the best of all the Disney princesses--and Ilsa was a "Gothic witch," which mostly looked like a medieval maiden wearing velvet because her witch hat kept falling off.

After the treats, Jenn stuff us with pizza and the world's best apple pie. Literally. We four adults split the thing and added ice cream. Oh, gosh. So full. The kids ate my homemade Susie Q cakes. I was mildly crafty and died the frosting orange for Halloween.

We arrived home mid-afternoon, and then I started on birthday stuff. I wrapped presents and made the cake, which was not an ambitious Blue's Clues thing or Elmo thing like in years past. First of all, they don't care so much anymore, and second, the decorating KILLS my wrists. Instead, I did a plain-yet-fantastic chocolate cake.

Only problem was that after years of getting my elaborate cakes right, one of the layers of this chocolate cake fell apart. As I was trying to rearrange them on the plate to make a halfway decent layer, a quarter of it fell into the sink. Now, I'm not above scooping out the cake and making do--five second rule and all that--but it landed in the baking pan which was soaking. So plop. Into the water. As a result, about one quarter of the lower layer is made entirely of frosting.

Good news was that Juliette INHALED the thing. She approves.

She received a stuffed unicorn from my mom and dad--now named Uni--as well as a porcelain tea set and a star-shaped basket from us (she asked for both, because we pass by shops on the walk to school that featured them in the windows), and an Illustory from my brother and his wife. And Jenn, who enjoys the occasional chance to shop for girly things, got her a little hamster family, a book, and some hair decorations. We try to keep birthdays rather low-key because hers is so close to Halloween and Ilsa's is a week before Christmas.

Today we're heading over to a block party sort of luncheon with friends of ours before embarking on Kenosha trick-or-treating--hoping no one is blown away, because winds are 30+mph today.

Happy, happy, birthday baby.
No, I can't call you my baby.
Seems like years ago we met
On a day I can't forget.
Happy, Happy Birthday Baby" by The Tune Weavers

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