Rufus! On My Tube!

Ok, ok, ok, I give up. What is with the networks casting a) hot guys, b) hot movie star guys, c) lots of hot movie star Brits who play Americans? "House" is pretty obvious, with Hugh Laurie setting the standard for Brits coming over and playing odd-ball American types. "Life" with Damian Lewis is easily one of my unmissable favorites. And although Christian Slater is not British (as clearly evinced by his oh-so-piffle "accent" in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves), he certainly comes from the land o' movies--not recently, granted, but still.

Now I've just discovered that deliciously tasty Rufus Sewell will be on CBS in "Eleventh Hour," beginning on Thursday. It's a sort of "X-Files" pairing, but that's fine by me coz Mulder and Scully were the shazaam. I can't tell from the clips if he's being Brit or American. I think the latter, but it isn't really convincing. Oh, wait--do I care? No! It's Rufus! The networks read my mind, realized that I have no time to go see movies anymore--and not much ready cash to buy outrageously priced tickets--so they've made sure home is where the hot is.

Between these shows, the new season of "Never Mind the Buzzcocks," and "So You Think You Can Dance Canada," I can almost ignore how the financial world is completely and entirely melting around our collective ears! Don't look! Bring on distractions for us huddled masses!

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