Who's Buying?

So who's been buying What a Scoundrel Wants? I went to its Amazon site yesterday to look up its sales ranking, which I do about once every two weeks just out of curiosity. Yesterday it was ranked #414,283 in sales among books. Don't laugh. I've been as low as #1,936,214 back in July. In September, when I bought five copies to enter the RITAs, I jumped from #707,101 to #302,433, which gives you an idea of how many copies sold separates these figures.

So today...it's ranked #63,784. A huge jump since yesterday, and the best number I've seen for it yet. Makes me curious who's buying. Five weeks to go. Can you tell I'm psyched?

UPDATED: Maybe it has to do with the nifty review I received in Romantic Times. (The top number of stars RT awards is 4 1/2.)

Carrie Lofty What a Scoundrel Wants
And in case you've ever wondered what $500 will buy you in a national magazine devoted to genre fiction--namely Romantic Times--it looks like this:

Carrie Lofty What a Scoundrel WantsMe, I have a tiny, tiny head.

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