Drowning in To-Do Stuff

I am So. Very. Behind. On all fronts.

I can't even begin to describe how much crap is on my to-do list--not my written down list, because that would be too scary. It's all in my head, pinging around like little bullets. Clean the fish bowl! Eight thousand interviews for Scoundrel! Bills! Call the washer repair guys! Revise the rest of that damn book!

If I wrote them down, I'd be paralyzed by the sheer size of the list. Seems I was at this point about two weeks ago. I whittle it down, and just when I get lazy and think my chores are perma-done, they pile back up again. Chores are like that. But at least I went shopping on Saturday, so we have food. But oh, that was a mistake. I haven't been shopping on a Saturday in ages. Madness! People wildly looking around in search of bananas and frozen pizzas. Kinda like me.

Today the girls are out of school because of parent-teacher conferences. A friend of mine takes college classes on Monday mornings, so I'm babysitting her two daughters until lunch. The living room is awash in puzzle pieces and little girl voices. Then I leave for Chicago North once Keven gets home. So how much will I get done today? Not much!

Ah, well. You notice that about huge lists of stuff to do? It all gets done in the end, or else the unimportant stuff (mopping) drops off the radar entirely.

I did manage to talk to Karen last night. First time in ages. We must've gone too long between talks because we were on the phone for almost two hours.

Also, we took the girls to see Madagascar 2 yesterday, which continues our streak of Ilsa crying in movie theaters. She was perfectly fine when baby Alex was kidnapped from Africa. Although her chin quivered, I don't think it lasted long enough to incite true terror. But Melman standing over the molten volcano a la Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom had her in tears. Decent movie, overall, if written by committee. The "animals as different human races" aspect, which was more subtle in the original, became really obvious and borderline offensive in this one. And Keven was right: for a kid flick, there wasn't a terrible lot of kid laughter, even though the theater was almost entirely full.

And I'm stronger now.
There can't be a fire unless there's a flame.
Don't cry--you're not alone.
Don't cry tonight, my sweet baby.
"Don't Cry" by Seal

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