Holding Our Breath

One day, if blogs and internet sites still exist as part of the historical record, my girls may look back on this journal of mine and speculate on my lack of election coverage. Aren't people in the midst of history supposed to talk about it and offer their thoughts? But the entire process has become intensely personal, so much that I hardly feel able to record my feelings.

Let's just say for now, my darlings, that my feet ache this evening, but I'll be in the field again tomorrow. Your daddy and I spent extra time at our friends' house after dinner, and while you grew bored playing with the other girls, we talked, deliberated, analyzed, shared our hopes, confided our fears, and made baby-sitting arrangements so we can tackle what are sure to be monstrous lines at the polls. We drank tea and bided our time.

One more day. The whole world is holding its breath.

There was a badness that had its way,
But love wasn't lost--love will have its day.
North and South of the River" by U2

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