Keven Says: Another Playlist

This week: mid-90s Britpop-plus. Incidentally, I'm not sure why my Genius always chooses "Inbetweener" and "Daydreamer" when a song from this era shows up. I guess they are good examples, but Sleeper and Menswear did do other songs. Seriously, they did. Yes, even Menswear.

Blur: "Jubilee"
Supergrass: "I'd Like to Know"
The Charlatans: "Crashin' In"
The Verve: "Stormy Clouds"
Super Furry Animals: "God! Show Me Magic"
Sleeper: "Inbetweener"
Pulp: "Pink Glove"
Elastica: "Line Up"
Luna: "Bonnie & Clyde"
Suede: "The Drowners"
The Bluetones: "Bluetonic"
Oasis: "Headshrinker"
The La's: "Timeless Melody:
Menswear: "Daydreamer"

[Editor's note: Comments by Keven Lofty in the "Keven Says" column do not necessarily reflect the opinions of his dear and patient wife, who is sad that his iPod seems incapable of producing a pleasurable listening experience.]

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