Keven Says: Playlist of the Week

Recently the perfect storm of "factors that cause Keven to become obsessed with his music" occurred. My laptop died along with all the MP3s it held, I got a new iPod Touch for my birthday, and Apple introduced Genius. Genius creates playlists derived from individual songs, similar to what is provided by Rhapsody, Pandora, or Last.FM. The difference being that Genius is included in iTunes and creates the playlist from your own library.

So for the last six weeks I've been re-ripping CDs, finding free promotional tracks from the web, and learning more about Carrie's music in an attempt to create the Greatest iPod Ever (tm). Anyway, it's now over. I'm as close as I'm going to be, so the obsession has moved from building the library to seeing what Genius comes up with.

Below is my first attempt at a new series, Keven's Weekly Playlist. A good one!

Acid House Kings: "This Heart is a Stone"
Camera Obscura: "Eighties Fan"
Grizzly Bear: "Easier"
Calla: "It Dawned On Me"
The New Pornographers: "Streets of Fire"
Mirah: "La Familia"
Andrew Bird: "Tables and Chairs"
Stereolab: "Ping Pong"
The Mary Onettes: "Under the Guillotine"
Maximo Park: "The Coast Is Always Changing"
Siouxsie and the Banshees: "Shadowtime"
Kings of Convenience: "Gold in the Air of Summer"
Electronic: "Feel Every Beat"
Saint Etienne: "Avenue"
(a nice bit of twee indie-pop, with a slightly dated bit of rapping from Bernard Sumner of New Order/Joy Division fame.)

Feel free to share your stories about how brilliant Genius is.

[Editor's note: Comments by Keven Lofty in the "Keven Says" column do not necessarily reflect the opinions of his dear and patient wife, who is gratified to see Andrew Bird on that list, and insists that Keven is always pretty obsessed with music.]

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