News & Reviews--It Begins

On Friday I'll complete a more comprehensive round-up of my promotional efforts, once the major release week push is through, but here are a few interesting links.

First, and we'll get this out of the way up front, is a stinky review for WaSW. *sigh* Had to happen. Commiserations welcome but not required.

But then...some awesomeness. Jane at Dear Author asked for my first sale story, which never fails to amuse me. And Sybil at The Good, the Bad and the Unread was kind enough to feature a first and a second excerpt.

Anita at Historical Novel Reviews featured me in an interview/review. (Note: Spoilers!) "...Ms Lofty takes her characters through a life and death ride through ancient forests, where trust is hard to come by and life is lived at the basest of levels. ...[Her] characters are a worthy addition to the Robin Hood legend."

Ana at The Book Smugglers, who shares my unholy love for Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, also posted a great review. (Note: More spoilers ahoy!) "Verdict: BOTH action-driven and character-driven story makes What a Scoundrel Wants a fantastic read. Prepare to fall in love with the hero."

And last for tonight, I talk to myself about random book nonsense over at Unusual Historicals, where you have yet another opportunity to win a free copy.

Don't forget about Ann's contest and my own website promo thingie, both of which wrap up very soon.

Tomorrow I'll recap our lovely Thanksgiving holiday and point you in the direction of more WaSW love. Bear with me as I positively revel in it this week. I'm damn excited that the thing's finally coming out.

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