Nico and Arassay

Nico and Arassay were split up this week on SYTYCD Canada. Boo! Luckily for those of us who harbor secret fantasies that they're a real life couple, their new partnerships were competent but nothing mind-blowing. Nico's waltz with ballerina Allie was do-able, with the highlight being how he lifts her to the damn ceiling. Then Arassay dressed like a superhero and became disco queen of the world. Contemp dancer Vincent tried his best to keep up.

Their solos, however, made my head spin. Arassay's solo was lovely and sharp, with wild-yet-controlled spins. She's really improved since her audition, so vivid, strong and magnetic.

But then there's Nico. I actually died a little knowing something like this is in the world. Power. Sex. Grace. I'm just floored.

I know other people danced too, but I can't seem to find the will to care. Gotta go watch Nico again.

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