Random Monday Space Cadet

I keep seeing folks posting about my book, mostly coz of the fungal viral awesome sauce of Ann's contest, and my stomach clenches. It's completely beyond me now. No more controlling how it goes. That's a wee bit terrifying.

Other writers have this reaction?

On a different topic, I used to think Canadians were pretty damn incredible. SYTYCD Canada has been an amazing show full of fantabulous dancers and one very, very special couple. Then things started to change. One by one, the delicious Frenchies were being voted out. And the worst happened on Thursday when the gaggle of Canadian tween voters ousted Arassay! WTF?? I mean, srsly. Ever since, my internet dance crew of rabid fangirls and I have been speechless--except for bouts of flaming anger.

Here's something special, tho, as Nico & Arassay say goodbye. As with most of their time in front of the audience, it really feels like we're intruding on something intimate. I think because we can't see their faces, it looks like one of those "welcome home from the war" pics where they become a representation of men and women in love.

Nico and Arassay
If Nico gets voted out this week, I'll be...oh, no, see that's too much to think about. Wretched tween Canadians! I feel a South Park moment coming on.

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