Airborne Birthday

Today is my baby girl's fifth birthday. She's tiny, tiny, tiny and adorable, which is sorta how she's been her entire life. I never get as sentimental about Ilsa's birthday simply because a) the shock Juliette's birthday always hits me first, in October rather than December, and b) the impact of the advancing number of years has already been broken in by Juliette, and c) she just doesn't act as old as her I'm-already-a-teenager sister. We already celebrated with cake and presents on Sunday, a little early because...

Today we're also flying to England, where we'll stay with family until January 5. I'll have access to email, but I'm sure my posts won't be very frequent. Have a great holiday, everyone! And stay tuned for Friday when I post Chapter Five of The Italian Gourmet-Baby-Food Baron's Ironically Pregnant Virgin Mistress.

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