It's Coming! Duck and Cover!

Yes, it's been nearly eight months since we poked loving fun at our favorite genre, but this time the story is bigger, the misunderstandings are greater, the food is gourmet-er, the babies are secret-er, and the list of contributors is longer and star-studlier. May we present...

The Italian Gourmet-Baby-Food Baron's
Ironically Pregnant Virgin Mistress

As told by Tumperkin, Meljean Brook, Ann Aguirre, Kate Rothwell, Bettie Sharpe, Carolyn Jean, Lorelie Brown, and myself.

Bettie has done a cheesetastic cover, which we'll reveal early next week. Then the eight-part story featuring a sensationally exploitative holiday finale will run the week before Christmas, wrapping up on Christmas Eve. Here's the blurb:

He needed children for an advertising campaign...

All Cesar Machismo wants is to ensure the bambinos of the world experience the flavor explosion of his company's newest baby-food, Thai Shrimp in Peanut Dressing. But when he goes to an orphanage looking for a new spokes-baby, he finds twins with eyes the color of pureed Cornish game hens. Mama Mia! He must take them home!

What he got was a ready-made family!

Content with her lot in life, Chastity Bliss slaves for her stepmother at the orphanage. This way she stays with her babies, though she can never acknowledge them. When Cesar adopts her twins, she follows as their nanny. What can she do? She has no choice, because though he doesn't know it...

Cesar is their father!

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