Machismo Goodness

Hey! There's an Italian Baby Food Baron over at Carolyn Jean's place today, starting our eight-day extravaganza of awful romance parody awesomeness. Go sniff markers and utter cheesy Italian sayings to your heart's content. My chapter goes up on Friday, so here's the complete schedule:

December 16th - Ann Aguirre Chapter 2
December 17th - Tumperkin Chapter 3
December 18th - Bettie Sharpe Chapter 4
December 19th - Carrie Lofty Chapter 5
December 20th - Meljean Brook Chapter 6
December 21st - Kate Rothwell Chapter 7
December 22nd - Lorelie Brown Chapter 8
December 23rd - Dionne Galace posts the complete saga

The Italian Gourmet Baby Food Baron's Ironically Pregnant Virgin Mistress will eventually be available for download through Amazon and Scribd. Story concept and project vision by Tumperkin; cover design: Bettie Sharpe.

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