Mad Morning

Keven's in Milwaukee again today, so this meant a second day of having to walk the kids to school and back. Yesterday...we managed. It was cold. Like ass cold. But not dangerously so, and aside from the wind, the weather was clear.

Today, however, was a different story. We woke up to a frigid 4F. No way my little Eskimos could survive that, so I was going to call a cab. Yet still, that idea made me think...no. I called a friend whose kids go to the same school, and lo! She arrived to whisk them away in her SUV. Nice!

But in between all of that, I've been crazy emailing with various people and learning to say "Will Scarlet hat Bäume gehasst." So it was pack lunch, email, do the girls' hair, email, gear on, email, oh--forgot to do my own hair! Well, it's cold out, so on goes the comfy winter hat.

Speaking of Germans, here's my spread in the latest edition of LoveLetter, the only German print magazine about romance. Freetranslation.com tells me they loved it and can't wait to see what happens to Ada, and I know what the interview says coz, well, I wrote it. Funky to see my words translated into a language I don't know. Hope to see more of that soon.

In other News & Reviews, here's one from Margaret Marr over at Nights & Weekends, who writes, "With its tantalizing, earthy, and provocative plot, What a Scoundrel Wants is a fun and enjoyable read. You'll want to watch [Ms Lofty] grow as an author. I know I will."

Then there's the positively blush-worthy dueling review by Bettie Sharpe and Tumperkin over at Bam's place. Can't even pull a quote--it's just too good.

And finally, there's a lovely review at Romance Reader at Heart. Kay James writes, "There wasn't anything about WHAT A SCOUNDREL WANTS that I didn't enjoy. From beginning to end, this story held my interest. As I said, I sincerely hope there are more stories along this line from this very talented author."

Gotta love the love.

Otherwise, I'm chatting over at Hoydens again, this time about the fascinating Adelard of Bath, and I wrapped up my stay at DIK talking about favorite heroes. Last, there's one more book giveaway going on in conjunction with an interview at Magical Musings.

It's fun that people keep writing to me with book sightings. Karen called from Muskegon where it was in B&N and Meijer. Jess wrote from South Bend that it was in Walmart but not Meijer. Here in Kenosha it finally hit the shelves at both B&N and Walmart. The list goes on. It's like sighting Elvis!

But I think that's about it. More reviews will continue to trickle in, but the major push of known promo is about finished. Phew. What a week. Tonight Keven and I ditch the kids for a sleep-over while we head out to his company Christmas party. Little black dress, here I come! To get in the spirit, here's my fave Christmas video. Edge's eye-roll makes my day.

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