The Massive Evil That is Atonement

Question for those of you who've read Atonement or seen the film:

Is Briony Tallis overtly megalomaniacal and evil, or does she simply suffer from a self-delusional God complex that makes her immune to reality and, therefore, to her own evilness?

Notice there's no option for "Whoopsie, I accidentally ruined your lives completely not on purpose, and therefore you should forgive me." Piss off, slag!

The movie, by the way, is astoundingly painful to watch. Tucked in a small place in my heart, I have loved and loathed these characters since first reading Ian "GOD among men" McEwan's mind-shattering novel in 2001. Keira Knightley and James McAvoy are amazing, and I cried like a little baby when they kissed goodbye--the real goodbye. The goodbye in the $%@#& middle of the film. The goodbye where everyone who knows the story should be crying because that's it. No happy endings for you!

Damn it. Cath, I'm snobbly again.

So I will not close my eyes, until I see you by my side
Loving me tonight.
Whatever it takes, I will wait until my dying day--
Just come back to me.
"Come Back to Me" by Trading Yesterday

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