News & Reviews--Release Day!

Happy release day! My friend Lorelie took this pic for me at her local B&N in North Carolina. Face out shelving rocks!

Here's the news:

For the edification of friends, family, and non-romance types, Dear Author is a very popular and well-regarded review site on Ye Olde Internets. Thus I was especially pleased by the review Jayne posted yesterday morning. "Those looking for derring-do will find it, as will people who want some raw, searing encounters between two people fighting to find love. B+"

Another very influential romance blog is Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, where Sarah posted her glowing lovelove review this morning. "So in setting herself up with an enormous challenge to scale, from using a medieval legend and a well-known and frequently-portrayed character as the hero for a romance to developing a heroine who is his equal and allowing readers to both invoke their own impressions of Will Scarlet and enjoy the author's liberties with the character, Lofty gave herself a mighty tall obstacle to cross. Fuck me. She cleared it. A-"

Sarah's also giving away five copies in exchange for haiku love, so head on over.

Sula is my gracious host at Desert Island Keepers, where I BS about hot guys and discuss musical inspiration. She's also hosting a contest at her own blog where, of course, you have another chance to win a free copy.

A third freebie opportunity is over at Crave More Romance (for two copies) where Kerensa had lovely things to say about the book. "Though she's masterfully captured her setting, Ms. Lofty does not stop there. She sweeps her readers into this heartfelt journey with the very first page, making it hard to do anything except love her characters."

And don't forget that Unusual Historicals has a contest running through Sunday.

Margaret Marr at Nights & Weekends, who gave me my very first review around this time last year, for "Sundial," posted an Author Spotlight interview yesterday. Azteclady over at Karen Knows Best also has an interview, although I don't think I cover the same territory. I'm trying to keep it original! Both Margaret and Az will post reviews later this week.

It's a mad juggernaut of Scoundrel Stuff.

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