Battle of the Falsettos, Round One

I love a good falsetto. Perhaps that explains why I'm such a fan of Scandinavian pop music, because so many of their popular male singers are really exceptional falsettos. Here are two of my favorites. Have a listen and cast your vote!

First up, singing "Laid," is (former) cutiepie Tim Booth of James. But I must object: this is a censored version. They've dubbed the word "sings" over "cums." That doesn't even make any sense!

Timmy is pitted against the mega-falsetto for the ages, le gorgeous Morten Harket of A-Ha singing "Stay on These Roads." Ha. You thought I was going to say "Take On Me," didn't you?

I'll continue until I run out of lovelies to share. Feel free to make suggestions about your favorite testicularly-clamped male singers.

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