Friday Round-Up

Hello, hello. So after a flurry of posts last week, apparently I decided to hide under a bed this week. Not so. Just been busy and distracted.

Yesterday and Wednesday, Juliette attended school at the local academy we're considering for her first grade. She's much braver than I would've been. I walked her to the office where the admissions director was waiting, then she looked up at me, lips puckered for a kiss, and said bye! But she was very tired come the end of the day. Not only is their school day an hour longer, but the stress of being in a new place with all new people must've worn on her. She'd about chewed a hole in the skin below her lower lip, which is her big-time compulsion when she's nervous.

She did fine, or so the teachers and the admissions director tell me. They think she's very collected and mature, and she's exceedingly creative. Yup.

Ilsa, meanwhile, has been thriving since we started giving her the iron supplements. In fact, she vexes me on a daily basis, so full of new, uncontrolled energy. It's taken most of January for us to get to know this new girl. I mean, I thought she was perky and sweet before. Now the perky borders on mental, and we get into more fights. It's like she's on overdrive all the time and hasn't found a means of harnessing her new-found power. So yay for iron.

Otherwise, we've just been doing normal stuff. I had a Chicago North meeting on Monday night, where I started as manuscript chair. Basically that means I wrangle and keep order during our group critique sessions. The only difficult part is that, as a point of courtesy, the moderator doesn't offer critique. I have to sit on my tongue all through a session, which I didn't quite manage to do on Monday. Next time, maybe!

I'm working on a new historical project set in Victorian times and in various places around the world. All I've written in the last year is proposals, which means one day, when faced with a deadline for a real book, I won't know what the hell I'm doing. It's bizarre. But hopefully I'll have some good news soon. We're working on it, but the business moves slow enough as it is without the economy to scare everyone into deep, deep holes.

Have a good weekend. I'll leave you with my favorite song of January, "Grounds for Divorce" by Elbow. I've enjoyed their music ever since Keven found them as kittens singing "Independent Woman", but this new album is exceedingly good. Glad to see them getting wide ranging recognition.

Mom, you might like rocking out to this one. Wait for the big fat guitar part.

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