The RITAs Are Here!

I got my selection of RITA books in the mail yesterday. So exciting! It's fun to HAVE to read a bit from other genres, and dipping my toe elsewhere will definitely help rejuvenate my love for historicals, with which I've been a bit disenchanted of late.

But more importantly, in order to judge RITAs, a writer has to be qualified to enter RITAs. Somewhere out there, five other published authors are either loving or hating my dear WaSW. It's neat to contemplate. So in essence, judging for this industry-wide contest is a small indicator of my career progress. I'm doing something this year that I didn't get to do last year, and I like that feeling.

I know a lot of people have issues with the RITAs and with the larger body of RWA, but I've nothing but benefitted from being a member, and I like that we have this opportunity to participate in defining what quality romance looks like.

Oh, and it's -12 right now (-24C). Sheesh!

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