Juliette lost her first tooth. She must've been playing with it last night because she told me about it first thing this morning, and then we found it among the bedsheets. (Already a test of the Tooth Fairy's existence, because little miss fairy thing should've known, right?)

I'm really glad, because I have this thing against wobbly teeth. Something about the vein. ICK. Seriously, I won't go anywhere near them, so I was glad she seemed more than willing to do the wiggling and the yanking. *shiver* But it was time--the new tooth is already poking out. She won't have a gap for long.

I'm off to the Montessori in Racine today, yet another school to audition for Juliette's upcoming first grade year. I visit the last one on Thursday, and then we'll have a choice to make. Wait. Now I'm feeling a good deal older than I was a few minutes ago. Those combination of sentences are particularly aging.

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