What Did He Say?

Have you ever heard a song and thought the lyrics said one thing, only to discover, later, that not only are the lyrics wrong, but the ones you came up with are more intriguing?

I've done that exactly three times, that I can recall, and wanted to share. It's a weird little glimpse into how my brain works.

First up is "Blood" by The Editors. The line is "cover your lies up with another promise," but I heard it as "toughen your lies up," which is more evocative. I remember being disappointed when I learned the real words, but then I promptly used my version somewhere in WaSW. Can't let goods like that go to waste!

Second is from "Meet Me In the Tower" by Ours, a gorgeous song about wanting to commit suicide. Gotta love the peppy ones! While I heard "I'm like a bruise, soft inside," which spoke to me about the physical and emotional pain expressed in the song, he actually sings the much lamer line, "I'm like a girl, soft inside." Girls are soft inside, yes--but so are boys, Mr. Squishy Guts. No soup for you!

And finally we have my Intriguing Song of the Moment, "Piece of Pie" by Stone Temple Pilots. Messed-up Scott sings, "I killed the manchild," which is actually quite interesting. But I head, "I killed the Magi." What would that even mean, other than a reduction in the number of short stories about ironic yet heartwarming gift giving errors? I can't think of what my brain wanted out of that image, but it's sticking around. It's making me think weird things, things that certainly have nothing to do with historical romance.

So there you go. My three. You have any cool ones to share? Or maybe even goofy ones? No copping out with "'Scuse me while I kiss this guy."

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