A Book Meme -- And a Prize!

I nabbed this meme from Nicholas at A Gentleman's Domain.

1. Tell me about the book that has been on your shelves the longest.

I have a copy of Jane Eyre from high school. I defaced it. Literally. The girl on the cover has no face. Wait, my memory's working now. I received Gorillas in the Mist by Dian Fossey as a Christmas gift in junior high. Oh! And I've had the collected Little House series since elementary school. They win.

2. Tell me about a book that reminds you of something specific in your life.

Funny how I could answer this question with my own book, but that would be too obvious.

I'll pick Apache Legacy by Janis Reams Hudson. Never heard of it, you say? Shush. I had just been dumped by a certain philosophy major when my mom traveled to Bowling Green to talk me through the break-up--mercifully not killing said philosophy major during her stay. We went to a grocery store and I wanted something to read. I'd read Hudson's previous book in the series, so I picked up this one.

I read it in one sitting, and it rejuvenated me. I had only just recognized that I'd never be a good enough artist to make a go of it, not professionally, and a glowing sense of purpose called to me from the pages of that historical romance. When the next semester started, I went down to the registrar and changed my major from art to English and history.

OK, that's a little overly dramatic, but it went something like that.

3. Tell me about a book you acquired in some interesting way.

In high school, Jenny Townsend gave me a copy of what became my favorite romance of all time, a book called Fire and Rain by Elizabeth Lowell. I loved it. I raved about it. When Jenny wanted to borrow it, I lent it to her...and it never came back. Either Jen lost it, or we graduated. Something. Years later, I was in a bookstore in Columbus and found a replacement copy. Very happy.

4. Tell me about a book that has been with you to the most places.

I have the collected works of Shakespeare and the collected works of Poe, both of which sport fancy gold-trimmed pages. They're from a collection my parents once had of great works, most of which suffered unseemly book deaths in a basement flood. I'd taken these two with me to BGSU so they survived, and I took the Shakespeare to England. Thus it's been to two countries, three states, and seven cities via twelve moves--not counting wherever my parents dragged it through.

5. Tell me about the most recent addition to your shelves.

His Woman by fellow Zebra Debut author Diana Cosby. Her book was released the same day as mine, back in December. We were participating in an online chat at Coffeetime Romance, and I accidentally won a copy in a guessing game. She sent me two copies, actually--one for myself and one to give away.


Check in and let me know if you're doing anything interesting this weekend. Or, if you're feeling froggy, complete this book meme and link back to me. On Monday, I'll draw a name and send the winner a copy of His Woman. Good luck!

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