Medical TMI? You decide!

Reader stats on my blog have dropped by 20% in the last month, perhaps because I've discovered Facebook. Or maybe everyone checks out new content on their readers. Hm.

I got my glasses yesterday, which means I can see with excruciating clarity the dreck I'm typing. Fun tricks with lenses! But I can also see my skin and the kitchen floor with excruciating clarity--not so good.

In other medical news, I'm scheduled for a Tuesday out-patient surgical procedure on my right foot. Needless to say, I'm not looking forward to it. AT ALL. From what my cute young enthusiastic doctor says, the whole thing will be a piece of cake...a piece of cake involving painful needles and injections! Holy Hellraiser, Batman! Luckily, I'll be given some sort of happy drugs, which he compared to a "couple glasses of wine." Ha! Considering my tolerance, he should've said "a couple bottles of wine," where upon I would simply fall asleep.

The goal of all this poking is to walk without pain, so I guess I'll suck it up.

Mom is arriving on Sunday to help me wrangle things while I recover. I aim to be back on my feet--har har!!--by the weekend, coz dudes, I have stuff to do! On the docket for the Saturday after surgery is a birthday party and parent-teacher conferences, and then I have a Chicago North meeting on the last Monday of the month. Basically, I have a four-day window in which to employ my mutant healing factor.

Oh wait, I don't have any mutant healing factor. Damn. Whatever. Any mention of mutants means posting a picture of X-Hotties, so here you go:

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