Mid-Week Music and Stuff

I thought my computer was going to arrive today, but it's just the monitor. The actual computer is still being built. Because it's been delayed, HP gave me a $50 gift certificate to their online store, which is nice. I'll find something to snag.

Of course, I'm hip deep in a new season of So You Think You Can Dance, this time out of Australia. I get three a year if I follow the US, Canadian and Aussie versions. So happy. Faves are Charlie and Ben for the men; Penny and Giane among the gals. We'll see how they fare. This is my fave routine so far. Something about the unapologetically JAZZ quality of it makes me smile.

This morning, while making breakfast, I was listening to the ultra funky "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga. Ilsa asked, "What's in your iPod, mommy?" So I gave her an earbud and continued to hip shake as she listened. Did she move? Did she tap her toe? NOTHING! My children have absolutely no dance genetics. Poor dears. Afterward, when I'd taken my earbud back like a petulant child--fine, if you're not going to dance, give it to me!--she stared to wiggle her rear. But I think she was making fun of me.

The song, however, got me thinking. The woman she's playing is a nasty piece of work, and I realized that of my new four-story proposals' heroines, I have no nasty pieces of work. Seriously, this must be remedied. I can't write stories without action, and I can't write a lot of milquetoast ladies. Someone has to be ready to play hardball!

Today means cleaning and editing and catching up with my online presence. I'll have a monitor by the end of the day, but no computer. Oh well. Soon, my precious!

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