Mini Update

Keven's still in Chicago until Friday night. The last two days have been a bumble of weird, disjointed hours. Routine is a good thing. Being out of routine means things go haywire in little ways. Tonight I fed the girls popcorn and bananas for dinner. I ate soup in bed. See? Weird.

On Tuesday I went to a new doctor for my funkily-veined foot. Yay for good doctors! He's very excited about my case, actually, because I'm apparently rather rare. He's a young, very handsome American-born South Asian who speaks entirely too fast, and his practice partner trained out of Northwestern with the best AVM specialist in the Midwest. Expertise! So next week we start to identify the particular problems and strategize a cure. He's confident everything with my heel can be solved over the next few months, which is a little too nice to believe right now. Yet his enthusiasm is marvellous--just enough for me to buy in to his sunny diagnosis.

And now, coz it's obligatory everytime I think of doctors and happiness, here's a pic of Tennant. Gosh, I'm gonna miss him when he goes. *little sob*

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