Music for Old People

In this age of Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers and Twitter and other Very Young Things I don't understand, I have a hard time picturing what kids would think of seeing U2 on the Grammys--as if they'd even watch the Grammys. Hell, I don't know what I think of seeing U2 perform their newest single. But maybe it's not that I'm all that old...I just like old things.

Radiohead, however, are a whole different animal. They're awesome because even people who love their work don't understand them all the time. This makes them immune to criticism from the youth end of the spectrum. They haven't become uncool--they're too cool, to the point where everyone kinda scratches their heads and pretends to get it.

It does warm my heart to think that, as bands, they've stayed together for 33 years (U2) and 24 years (Radiohead). That's awesome, especially considering all the twists and turns their styles have taken. To negotiate those sort of artistic changes between four or five people--quite cool.

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