Sunday Kick Ass

It's Sunday night, and most of you are probably reading this on Monday morning, but I've had a good day. Although it was long and filled with ordinary things, I am immensely satisfied with what we managed to accomplish. You know that list of chores you optimistically write at the start of the day? Ordinary things like laundry, bills, cleaning, getting the kids ready for the start of the school week--all done--plus having breakfast out and brainstorming with my faboo friends, reading with the girls, filing our taxes and student financial aid paperwork, housekeeping on Unusual Historicals, and watching the first performance episode of So You Think You Can Dance Australia (which was so meh that I won't even elaborate here). Now my back is a little sore, my hands are a little chapped, and my eyes are heavy. A good day. Here's hoping that my week proves fractionally able to keep pace.

So how was your weekend? Any good?

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