Update on Me

More doctor talk, so here's Mr. Lovely to stand in for my own hot doc.

Mom arrived on Sunday night, and we spent Monday shopping for groceries and preparing for worst case scenarios. We drove around Kenosha to show her the route to take Keven to work and the girls to school. I packed an overnight bag and psyched myself up with the truth: I can't walk without pain. What was going to happen needed to be done.

Keven drove me to the hospital on Tuesday morning, quite early, and various nurses and doctors explained what was going to take place. What they couldn't explain, not with any accuracy, was the outcome. Even my cutie doc basically shrugged. Because two thirds of the procedure was diagnostic--an angiogram and a veinogram--he wouldn't really know until he got in there.

Yay! Bring it on. *sigh*

The nurses were in good form and very funny. They played satellite radio in the operating theater--good, pumped, upbeat stuff, only I couldn't move my feet, and my right arm was attached to an IV. So I tapped the index finger of my left hand--the middle finger had on the pulse cuff thingie--and reminded myself that this was part of why I was there: I miss dancing. Seriously dancing.

A note: Happy drugs are awesome. I was feeling pretty good. I never dipped into unconsciousness entirely, and I certainly felt when he was poking around and injecting various things into me, but I don't think I cared. Not hardly at all. By the end of two hours, we were all finished and I was wheeled up to the hospital.

Nurses kept asking if I needed anything for the pain, and I really didn't. No pain. A little achy, like maybe having a minor leg cramp or a bad bruise. But that's it. When my doc came up to discuss how things went, he had only good news. My veins and arteries are all perfectly normal, except for the localized place where I have pain. That means after a few more minor treatments, I'll be good as new. I might not even need my granny stockings anymore. He also said that if I wasn't having pain by then, I wasn't going to. He was right. It never got worse.

I think because of all that happened with my wrist this time last year, I didn't have much faith in the outcome. But sure enough, this went just as planned...and then some better. By that evening, I could walk on my nasty heel without any of the old pain I once had. Get that? Not only didn't I hurt from the procedure, but my previous pain was already in remission. This morning, I checked under the compression stocking and about 50% of the visible evil blue veins that had been the bane of my last twenty years are GONE. Entirely. It's like he took a magic eraser to the whole area, taking the throbbing away too. I can't imagine how awesome this will be come summer.

So now I have all these cool plans. I'll get the last few treatments--all very minor, by comparison, because I won't need to do the angiogram and veinogram and all that other junk that required sedation--and then I'll buy summer clothes. Can you imagine? Sandals and short pants! Summer dresses and walking without stockings. Working out without pain and being able to tackle summer things like Nationals and our trip to Italy without dread.

Yeah. A good day. Today mom and I are going out for lunch and heading to the Circuit City in Racine that's being closed down. You know...just to see what's there! She'll go home tomorrow because really, all that worst case scenario of me spending time in the hospital or hobbling around on crutches for weeks just never happened. Color me relieved.

Anyone up for hiphop lessons??

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