Changes to Zebra Debut

Some news has come down from on high at Kensy about changes to the Zebra Debut line. First, as of August, the price will be going up. The $3.99 first books will be $4.99, and second books will bump from $4.99 to $5.99, which includes my January 2010 release, SCOUNDREL'S KISS. I suppose that's to be expected. Zebra Debuts have been bargain basement since the line was founded in 2004.

But we have exciting news too. Cover changes! A pair of new style covers have been revealed to their respective authors, Lori Brighton and Anthea Lawson, both for November 2009 releases. The difference is obvious and welcome.

Oh! Oh! They look...wait for it...historical!!! Compare Anthea's to her debut, PASSIONATE. And perhaps because $5.99 is more in keeping with other mass market releases, they've taken the price off the cover, which removes the cut-rate feel.

This should be good timing for me, despite my stinky January post-Christmas release date, because we'll have 2-4 months for folks to start recognizing these new cover styles and accepting the price hike, but the changes will still seem rather fresh compared to the old ZebDu "man man man omg hot man" style.

Now I can't wait, darn it! Gimme new cover! It's like crack for writers.

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