A Couple New Developments

Yay! I'm driving into Chicago tomorrow to have lunch with my agent. Saying that will never get old.

On Monday, Jenn and the boys came down from Tosa to hang out for the afternoon, which was a nice time. We had ice cream and stopped in at the toy store before heading to the park. Today was a better day, weather wise, but the temps held and the park was nearly deserted.

But at the toy store, Juliette resumed her enamoration (a new word!) of Calico Critters. She's fascinated by the tinyness, the cuteness, and most of all, the collectibility. However, even a relatively small addition to her existing family would run $7-15. When I told her this, she instantly put her finger against her wiggliest tooth, a determined look on her face. I got the impression of a smack addict contemplating the necessity of two kidneys.

So Keven and I talked it over last night, and we've decided to start the girls on a small allowance. I remember having spending money of my own when we were in Nappanee--enough for a Monday night movie, or a trip to the dime store--and I had just turned seven. Juliette is right on the edge. We'll see how it goes.

Secondly, today I signed Juliette up for her first grade year. After a two month search through the ways and means of many different schools, we've decided to go with the local private K-8, Armitage Academy. This decision has taken a weight off of my mind, with regard to the search process, the financial situation, and that we now have an answer when she asks, "Where am I going to first grade next year?"

And finally, after my happy happy experience last month in starting to fix my foot: a snag. Our insurance has decided that additional sclerotherapy injections are "not medically necessary," and they've refused to authorize my treatments. In fact, the treatment I received in February is still in claims processing as they go over my doctor's notes.

So today I started the appeals process to get authorization. I've never had to do this before, and I'm trying to remain cautiously optimistic that this is all just a big corporate misunderstanding. But then again, I walked about two miles today and came home in pain. If the authorization doesn't come through, I'm going to be very distressed because my options won't be pretty.

Wow! That's like an entire post of things I'll need to update about later. Oh, except for this: Ilsa's iron levels were 100% normal at her last check-up. She'll need to stay on supplements until "she's able to eat two servings of red meat, or an equivalent plant-based iron source, consistently each day." So basically forever. But at least she's firing on all (psycho) cylinders.

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