Flitting Like a Butterfly

Happy birthday, Karen!! You old lady, you!

I was in a bit of a funk yesterday for reasons I'll never be able to explain to anyone, but now I'm mostly back. Yay! I think.

My foot hurts. *grumble* And they're delivering my new computer by pack mule. *double grumble*

Today, I'm over at Kris Kennedy's new collaborative blog called Mama Writers. Come read what nonsense I discuss. I think there's disco dancing involved. In fact, I'm sure of it.

Otherwise, I get a haircut today. Finally! I missed my scheduled appointment when it was going to be on the same day as my February surgery. I'm growing it out, though, so I don't know how much will come off. I look like Animal.

Which means it's time for "Danny Boy," of course.

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